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Vertical Cities Asia

Christiaanse FS15

The design brief is the 2015 student competition “Vertical Cities Asia”; our team represents the ETH Zurich competition entry, which achieved an honorable mention from the jury for being "too professional" and realizable.


The site of the competition is Singapore’s old military airport which is being relocated and frees up a 7 km² parcel in the heart of this densely populated island state for development. This being the vertical cities competition, density is set at a very concentrated 100,000 people per 1 km² for living, recreation and work.


Our multilayer approach leads to a highly integrated district that seamlessly connects into the existing cityscape in such a manner that it is only with great difficulty that one can distinguish where the grown city ends and the new starts. 


One of the central design strategies is to generate artificial lakes that serve as reservoirs for Singapore’s water catchment system; since water independence is of utmost importance to its national security; as well as offering an appealing environment for the new inhabitants.


Even though the density requirements are immensely high, we choose to conserve an existing forest that is to be remodelled into a public park; while the thereby lost density is added back into the hyper urban downtown strip.

Group Project in collaboration with:


Michael Prager

Mireia Aixela Bohigas

Anne-Cecile Carfantan

Viktoriya Maleva

Anna-Katharina Zahler

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