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Bourgeoise Bohémien

​Šik FS17

The task of this design is to create a multi-family residential building for an upscale clientele in Zurich that contains a fully integrated solar photo voltaic system which is capable of supplying the entire yearly amount of energy needed for the residence and therefore achieving a Net-Zero Energy Building standard. The apartments are a mix of traditional nuclear family units and cluster-apartments which are designed for a premium cohabitation model where every occupant possesses a personal bathroom and some even have a private living-room in their suite of rooms.  The shared spaces are the kitchen, great hall, dining room, winter-garden and terrace.


To be able to achieve good efficiency for the solar system an east-west orientation is chosen for the volume on the northern perimeter of the parcel, therefore leaving space for a large south facing lawn and enough distance to the existing trees surrounding the site so that no shadow falls onto the solar panels. A mono pitch roof contains beautiful borderless full-glass custom photovoltaic sheets that enhance the architecture and bring a pop of colour into the otherwise neutral building. The apartment layout also orients itself towards the sun by aligning all living spaces on the southern garden facade; the bedrooms, bathrooms and circulation area are all placed on the northern part of the building.

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