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Addis 5000

Hebel HS14

The topic of the semester is affordable public housing in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. To achieve this goal a strong emphasis is placed on designing with locally occurring natural materials and efficient structures. The brief calls for the development of 5,000 housing units at a density of 1,700 people per hectare and a cost of 75 $ per m2. At the same time, we respect the specific needs of the local population such as the need for a semi-public courtyard that offers enough space for a wedding, offers workspace for sun-drying chilis and a location where the goat can be tied up to await the next feast.

The design answers these challenges with three basic modules that can be assembled in such a way as to create diverse identities and offer the inhabitants various opportunities for business and community.

Our research results in the most economical building system comprised of 60cm thick masonry walls made from local stone and ceiling construction consisting of barrel vaults that are assembled from locally produced stabilised compressed earth bricks.

Group Project in collaboration with:


Michael Prager

Jonas Hasler

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