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Hadikgasse 100


Located on the Vienna River in the 14th district near the Schönbrunn Palace lies a 115 year old apartment building that contains under-utilised volumetric reserves. The owner of the building requests a design that will maximize the possible living area while respecting the inherent beauty of this historic secessionist building and complement it with a new distinctive roof structure.


The building codes and classifications have changed quite drastically since the building was erected giving the current owner the opportunity to convert the attic into two additional floors and create 6 petite apartments ranging from 47 - 79m². These apartments are small so that they can easily be rented out during the initial phase of the investment. Despite their petite sizes all units posses private outdoor spaces and laundry facilities, most also have dedicated storage rooms in the apartments.


For a later phase when the owner or his family might want to occupy the spaces themselves, the flexibility to consolidate two apartments into one 2-bedroom and one 3-bedroom dwelling has been alloted; allowing for flexible adaptation as needed in the future.


The two top units each possess a large glazed dormer that enable expansive views of the adjacent Vienna River and “Wiental”  as well as the Schönbrunn Palace. As a result of the dormers being raked back and the windows consisting of sliding panels, the rooms can be opened up to create a loggiaesque alfresco space.

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