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Michael Prager

MSc ETH Arch 

Website: | E-mail: | Tel: +43 676 7848 240

Nationality: USA, Austria, Canada | Address: 424 Old Long Ridge Rd Stamford, CT, 06903, USA


Michael Joseph Prager is an Architect born and raised in Vienna, Austria; after completing his bilingual gymnasium (english/german) he went to Zurich, Switzerland to study his Bachelor and Masters Degree in Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology [ETH Zurich].
The spring semester of 2015 was spent creating the ETH’s competition entry for the 2015 Vertical Cities Asia student competition in Singapore, where an honourable mention was earned. After finishing his bachelor studios & classes he attended an internship at Riepl Kaufmann Bammer Architecture in his hometown of Vienna where he joined the team doing the preliminary design of the Austrian National TV Station ORF where the office had won the public design competition. While earning his Masters degree he also worked for DMP Project Development between semesters and full-time once he completed his master project until the end of 2018 where he designed a penthouse extension consisting of six units for an apartment building that the company owns.


2016/09 - 2018/08

ETH Zurich Master of Science in Architecture [Prof. Xaveer De Geyter, Miroslav Sik, Adam Caruso, Dietmar Eberle]

- “Bourgeoise Bohemién“ where fully integrated solar design was utilized to create a net zero energy building.

- Diploma Project „Two Institutions and the Institute“ in the spring of 2018 under the guidance of Prof. Dietmar Eberle.

- two research papers (wahlfacharbeiten) on structural design.

2012/09 - 2015/09

ETH Zurich Bachelor of Science in Architecture [Prof. Christian Kerez, Dietmar Eberle, Dirk Hebel, Kees Christiaanse] - Addis 5000 affordable housing proposal in Ethiopia‘s capital that made it onto the national Tv-news.

- Vertical Cities Asia, international student competition where a honourable mention was achieved.

2002 - 2011

bilingual education [german/english] at Bundesrealgymnasium XIX Vienna, Austria [scientific highschool]


2018/09 - 12

Lead designer of a penthouse addition on an 115 year old Viennese apartment building, building survey of said old building. Botique interior Shop Until you Drop, London.

2016/06 - 08 2017/06 - 08 2018/05 - 08

2018/09 - 12

Internship DMP Project Development design of a replacement new-build of an old veranda, various phesability studies, design of a exebition stand for DymoRides.

Internship Riepl Kaufmann Bammer Architecture, Vienna Austria - preliminary design team ORF, developing furnishing systems, creating presentation materieals, cost estimation calculation of building ma- terial quantites, urban design study ”Nordbahnhof”, office portfolio translation from german into english.








Cinema 4D

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Indesign

[3d-modelling, 2d-drawings, 6years]

[during time at Riepl Kaufmann Bammer]

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